21.04.17 02:24
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The arrival

I arrived save in Dallas! I AM IN THE USA!! I'm so excited what that month will bring to me.. The first flight has been horrible and it was like time is not passing by, but I did it! So I went to bed after I have been awake for more than 26 hours 🙈 I was so happy to finally have a bed lol. And I didn't even sleep so long this morning, because I woke up hearing Madi talking and I just had been so excited to see her again and her! So today is a chilly day, because we have nothing to do at the moment, and I can just relax a little bit, before the big trip! Tomorrow we will leave for 4th of July weekend in Dallas! Oh I am soooo excited about that. Love you, Annalena
2.7.15 20:06


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